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The 74th(Autumn 2017) National Motorcycle&Parts Exhibition —— NICE TO MEET YOU IN GUANGZHOU!
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"The 74th (Autumn 2017) National Motorcycle and SPARE Parts Exhibition" will be held in Guangzhou Poly International-Trade Expo Center from November 10th to 12th!

Jinhua Hongshuo Chain Co., Ltd.: Hall No.:2#, Booth No.:2T81.
Welcome everyone to visit ~ ~

First, the exhibition overview:
Opening time:November 10th, 2017 ~ November 12th, 2017.
Place of event:
Guangzhou Poly International-Trade Expo Center
No. 1000 Dong Newport(Xin’Gang’Dong) Road, HaiZhu District, Guangzhou city.

Second, the exhibition schedule:

Third, Hong Shuo company specially-decorated booth:

Fourth, the plane of hall no.2:
Jinhua Hongshuo Chain Co., Ltd. special booth location:

Fifth, the surrounding environment of Expo Center.

November 10th, welcome to Guangzhou!

Editor:Jinhua Hong Shuo Chain Co., Ltd. Sales Department.

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